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About Our services


We are an Educational Social Network with the objective of disseminating and sharing a quality and entertaining educational computer. Education in the 21st century.

With a qualified team, software specially developed to work in school activities, our network allows a legitimate integration between teachers and students in an increasingly connected world.

Online Educational Games

There are many educational games available and the possibility of creating new games with their own content.

Interaction Systems

A new way to interact with the class, use your cell phone and other devices for collaborative learning.

Pedagogical content and guidelines

Discover our exclusive content and guidelines. Video lessons for the construction of various teaching materials, courses, etc.

The image shows a hand holding the cell phone that shows a screen of a website with a book, in the bottom part of the image you can see a library full of books and a ladder to climb the crowded shelves. Highlighted the text: Knowledge in your hands.
On a green background image, two hands holding as if playing video games. A computer screen appears just above the center of the image. Surrounded in a circle are a video game, a headset with microphone, a mouse, two CDs, a video game controller, a handheld video game, a desktop computer with a keyboard and a vertical handheld video game.

Online educational games.

In addition to having dozens of educational games for students' cognitive stimulation, we also have the option of personalizing and creating new games with their own content.

Simple and complete system, where teachers and students can create their own games, collaboratively participating in the construction of knowledge.

Online Library

Read hundreds of books online or download for when you want to read. Our library has the most varied titles and renowned authors. Increasing the number of titles monthly, soon our goal is to be the Largest Online Library on the Internet.


In the photo there are 3 people, a woman standing in the left part of the image, showing an object similar to the comment or a profile of a social network, the other people also hold the same object, the middle person is sitting and the man is on the left he is standing on his back holding the object with both hands, a branch with blue leaves also appears on the right part of the image.

Teaching materials, consultancy, creation of personalized projects.

In addition to the materials we offer on the social network, we are ready to customize both the content and the layout to better meet your needs.

We also create customized materials (hardware) for better interaction.

We are specialists in assistive technology, enabling pedagogical integration in line with the content to be presented.


We work with the most up-to-date in development, creation and customization to better serve all Customers.

Educational Games

Several games with different content and every week a game with new content at your disposal.

Assistive Technology

We provide materials, consultancies and courses on assistive technology, integrating the entire school community.

Creation and customization of websites and portals

We created your website and customized our games to better suit you.

Interactive Content

Create a class with active and collaborative participation between teachers and students.

Teacher Qualification

We qualify teachers for the proper use of our system and the various educational tools available on the web.

Pedagogical Contents

Several videos, games, activities, with a perfect alignment for daily use in a school environment.


Our team is formed by experienced professionals with an interdisciplinary background.

Cláudio Joaquim

Master in New Technologies of Education - Developer

Marco Antonio

Master of Science and Health Education

Prof. Dr. Stelling Júnior

President-Chanceler - Instituto Interamericano de Fomento à Educação, Cultura e Ciência (IFEC)

Prof. Casé

Masters in Mathematics

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+55 21 96458-5166 (Telephone and WhatsApp)